Thematic objective 5 of the Operational Programme for the European Union Funds Investments in 2014-2020 will aim to stimulate Lithuania’s adaptation to environmental changes induced by climate change, thus allowing to reduce the vulnerability of natural ecosystems and national economy, and to retain and increase their resilience to climate change-induced changes and secure favourable conditions for community life and economic operations. In particular, efforts will be focused on capacity building in the fields of monitoring, examining and assessing impacts of climate change in the territory of Lithuania and individual regions; supporting coordination and dissemination of information on climate change adaptation, thereby building strong knowledge base on impacts and outcomes of climate change.

Alongside, investments will be targeted at minimising flood risks and reinforcing the readiness of rescue services to respond to emergencies. Once implemented, the coastal management and flood risk management measures will enhance the environmental resilience in parts of Lithuanian territories that are most sensitive to climate change as well as will mitigate significant negative impacts of threats caused by climate change to the environment, human health and life, cultural heritage, the economic activities and infrastructure.

During the period of 2014-2020, the funds from the European Regional Development Fund, Cohesion Fund will be used to:

☑️ minimise climate change-induced damage;

☑️ reduce municipal waste disposal in landfills and ensure proper storage of radioactive waste;

☑️  improve the status of the Baltic Sea and other surface waters;

☑️ enhance relevance, number of visits and visibility of cultural and natural heritage, including public awareness on the surrounding environment;

☑️ improve the status of native plant and animal species, habitats and landscape;

☑️ reduce the level of threat to health and environment, caused by urban air pollution by particulate matter and soil pollution by chemical.


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