The Environmental Projects Management Agency under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania is a modern professional body managing projects that are funded by European Union (European Regional Development, Cohesion Funds, LIFE + programs) and National funds (LEIF, Climate Change, Waste Management, Environmental Protection) projects in the environmental and climate change sector.

The Environmental Projects Management Agency provides services to environmental protection project promoters to ensure that projects are implemented efficiently, rationally and in accordance with the set requirements.

The Agency’s main functions are as follows:

– Evaluation and selection of projects for funding;

– Consultancy and training for applicants and project promoters;

– Entering into agreements with applicants;

– Supervision of project implementation;

– On-site inspections of projects;

– Procurement monitoring;

– Ensuring reasonableness of payment requests and disbursement of funds;

– Irregularity prevention and investigation;  

– Systematization of the data of ongoing projects;

– Publicity and communication.

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